How to make Cocktails

Original Sin

An almost sinful blend of First Knight Ambrosia Honey Liqueur, 42 below Manuka honey and a cinnamon infused Vodka, Garnished with crisp apple.

Mix 30mls 42 below Manuka honey with the 30mls cinnamon infused honey, shake and pour into glass, invert the Ambrosia to mix the gold and then add 30mls, stir lightly, garnish with strips of crisp green apple on top and enjoy the Aromatics and taste of the Original Sin (Chill glass with ice and remove before pouring)

Nectar of the Gods
Champagne and First Knight Ambrosia honey Liqueur with flakes of 23 carat pure gold dancing on the bubbles, a pure nectar for the gods.

Lightly rim the glass with Manuka honey and dip into sugar, pour in your favourite champagne, invert the Ambrosia to mix the gold and then add 30mls to the champagne and then simply enjoy the magical delight.

First Knight Ambrosia Honey Liqueur blends perfectly with 42 below Manuka honey Vodka with hints of fresh lime, chilled to perfection over crushed ice.

Over crushed ice pour 30mls of Ambrosia & 30mls 42 below Manuka honey, squeeze in lime and drink with straw.